About us

Founded on a simple mission - make virtual fundraisers simple, fun and effective.

Who we are

We're creative technologists with a love for supporting local businesses and nonprofits. We're serious about your cause, but we don't take ourselves too seriously.


noun - a state of euphoria reached after achieving a long sought after goal

Our name - bachalaash is a playful nod to one of the favorite phrases of our founder's son, John. As a toddler John used to smile ear to ear when he heard himself utter the phrase. He used it in moments of excitement and achievement - when locking the final puzzle piece into place or when he was able to stack one more block peacefully atop a tall tower.

That's how we view our work and our platform. We're enthusiastic about seeing our friends, colleagues and clients achieve their goals and reach their bachalaash! Our product is clean, simple, intuitive, and we're delighted to see it work for you and your cause.