How it works

Your main street, online. Built around your community, for your community, on your terms.

Why you will love bachalaash

Fast onboarding
Once you create your account, on-boarding merchants is as easy as sending them a link.
Merchant management
View all of the merchants in your market who have completed their account setup.
Customer delight
When you're ready, hit publish to push your responsive site that looks beautiful on every device.
Order collection
As customers place their orders, each merchant has access to a live feed of their orders and you have a birds eye view of the whole market.
Automatic payouts
In addition to handling customer payment processing, our platform routes payments to each merchant in your market.
Valuable analytics
Keep an eye on how your market is performing with analytics on where your site traffic is coming from, how it's converting, and where your most valuable customers are.

Deliver value to your members

‍When you setup your onlinemarket you invite the businesses you'd like to participate.

  •   Promote and market your existing members
      Improve the digital footprint of your local businesses
  •   Bring members an innovative solution to drive sales
      Attract prospective member businesses

Raise funds for your community

When you setup your online market you’re in control. Choose between a commission, or a top-up model. Additionally, with every event you launch you have the ability to raise funds for your organization or another local nonprofit.

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