Restaurants keep 100% of menu price.

You work hard to run a great restaurant. We believe you should reap the rewards.

No Commissions

We don't take any restaurant commissions. You set your menu price and we'll add gratuity to ensure you can take care of your staff.

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Large Orders

Our platform is designed to facilitate large orders serving 2-4 people. That means less waste, more efficient delivery and higher value orders for you.

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Advanced Notice

We don't do on-demand. Every order on our platform is scheduled and gives you 48-72 hours to prepare and plan.

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No Restaurant Commissions

Keep more money.

Restaurateurs run in our families. We love restaurants and we know how grueling the restaurant business can be. We don't believe you should forfeit 30-40% of every order to a third party service. You're hiring and training staff. You're developing recipes and meals. You're sourcing and preparing food. You're taking care of your guests. You're running a great restaurant. You should reap the rewards.

We believe in taking care of those who take care of us. Gratuity is included in every order on our platform so you can take care of the staff preparing and delivering food. The end result, restaurants keep 100%+ of the menu item price on every order through our platform. No restaurant commission, no questions.

Ordering made easy

Your favorite orders.

We want our platform to be your first destination when it comes to fulfilling online orders. This means providing you larger orders with advanced notice.

You set the menu you'd like to make available featuring prepared meals or DIY meal kits for 2 to 4 people. Our on-boarding process is very simple. We'll schedule a short phone call to discuss the menu items you'd like to list and the volume you're comfortable handling in a single day.  

We'll collect orders based a predetermined schedule and provide you a list of all completed and paid orders with order details, 48-72 hours before scheduled pickup or delivery time. You'll receive full payment on the date of pickup or delivery.

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