Meet bachalaash affiliate

Local influence meets local business.

The first affiliate program built to reward influencers and marketers for promoting small independent local businesses.

Meet bachalaash affiliate

Local promotion. Passive income.

We know how much time and energy you invest in creating great local content, local guides and local recommendations. We're proud to help you monetize that content with an efficient and reliable platform.

Meet bachalaash affiliate

Born local. Built for local.

The first affiliate program built to support small independent local businesses and reward influencers and marketers for driving local business.

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meet bachalaash

Powerful local economies start with us.

We built our product to enable communities to keep more dollars near home. We help local businesses acquire valuable local customers by enabling local influencers and marketers to earn revenue for driveing traffic and customers into their stores.

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Earn 5% commission on every order, for life.

As part of the launch of our next market - all affiliates that signup and are accepted into the program will earn 5% of gross sales on every order you refer. For-ev-er.

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how it works

More dollars, less sweat.

We make supporting and promoting local small businesses easier than ever.


Request an invite to join the affiliate program. If you're accepted we'll set you up with an account and show you how to get started.


You decide what to share, and when to share it. You can link from your feed, blog or vlog. Just use your unique link to ensure your referrals are counted.


Earn passive income by supporting local businesses. You'll earn 5% of gross sales on every order placed by a customer you referred.
We're bachalaash

We power local markets for communities like yours.

Our platform enables communities to bring; restaurant weeks, farmers markets, community perks programs and main street businesses online.


Bringing communities, local shops and customers together.

Rudy Flores
Executive Director, Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce
“Bachalaash enabled us to launch the first online Square Roots Festival in our more than 20 year history. One of our local businesses had just opened before the festival.It was a great way for our community to meet them. They earned several thousand dollars in sales over the festival weekend andjoined as a member immediately after."
Jahmal Cole
Founder & CEO, My Block, My Hood, My City
"I always ask, 'What's something simple you can do to a positive impact in your community'. The Bachalaash team created mycommunitytable.org, you order some food, and the proceeds go to support various social impact organizations such as our #HitTheHood initiative to curb gun violence in Chicago."
Meggan K.
Lincoln Square Holiday Market Patron
“Thanks for all you have done for the community to communicate, organize and elevate our local businesses during 2020."
Christy B.
Lincoln Square Valentine's Market Patron
What a fun idea!
Allyson B.
Coffee & Cocoa Crossover Patron
I love Andersonville and Lincoln Square!! (and coffee)
Gabrielle F.
Coffee & Cocoa Crossover Patron
Thank you so much, we adore this!
Kim S.
Coffee & Cocoa Crossover Patron
"I found this site on a lark and I'm so glad I did!"
Aaron F.
Northcenter Valentine's Day Patron
"Thank you so much! I will be sure to continue to share and buyfrom small businesses in and around North Center!"
Amanda N.
"Thank you! Your team did a great job."

When will I receive my invite?

If you've requested an invite you'll hear from us within 48 hours. We know you're anxious to get started supporting local. We are too! Be on the lookout for a note from hello@bachalaash.com

How much will I earn?

All affiliates accepted into the program ahead of the launch of our next market, will earn 5% of gross sales on every order referred. Our markets have an Average Order Value of $60-$80 and conversion rates between 6%-12%.

What products and businesses can I promote?

Each market we launch is comprised of local small independent businesses from cafes, flower shops, pet stores to boutiques and groceries. Ahead of launch all registered affiliates will be invited to view the business and products that are active. Feel free to visit the shops in person or grab photos and descriptions from the site.

When will I receive my commision?

All earned commissions will accumulate and be visible in your account. On the last business day of each month you'll receive a direct deposit of all earned commission since the previous payout. No minimums, no thresholds.

Can I suggest new local businesses?

Yes! We know good people know good people. If you'd like to promote a particular small local business just drop us an email at hello@bachalaash. Tell us about the business and why they should be included. If they're a good fit, we'll reach out to the business owner and invite them to join.

What orders will I earn a commission on?

Our platform employs a 3 day attribution window. Any customer that visits the site from your unique link and places an order will count toward your commission. If a customer later visits the site directly and places an order up to 3 days after first clicking your link, you'll still earn a commission based on their purchase.